1st International Festival of Contempory Mosaic in France – 2015

From 1st to 16th of August 2015, the association “L’Art en Enclats” organized the 1st International Festival of Contempory Mosaic in France. The event took place at the Burgundy region, in the Chapel de Corbelin (La Chapelle-Saint-André), in Haut-Nivernais. The objective of this Festival was to create a place, where mosaic artists would meet and share experiences, […]

Classense Abbey – Manica Lunga restoration, 1981-1983

Back in 1512, due to the war, the monks of Saint Apolinaire in Classe, had been transferred to Ravenna. One year later, started building their new Classense Abbey, over a preexisting hospital, known as Santa Maria della Misericordia. From the 17th century, the Abbey was transformed into library, hosting some of the greatest collections and […]

The Invisibles 2015 / Booze Cooperativa

Base Gallery at Booze Cooperativa, housed a great cooperative exhibition of 20 multinational artists from 4th to 19th May 2015. The 20 artists were asked to comment on the uncertain and hostile conditions created by the  capitalistic globalization by using political, moral, ethical and semiological approaches. Moris Georgios, contributed with the mosaic “Dialogos 1” created back […]

Notes of Art 2015 / Booze Cooperativa

From the 13th of March to April 16 2015, Base Gallery at Booze Cooperativa held a great cooperative exhibition titled “Notes of Art”. The purpose of this exhibition was to promote the pluralism of artistic intentions, styles and mediums caracterizing today’s art. 19 artists with more than 25 paintings, sculpures, in-situ installations, drawings, photographs, mosaics […]