1st International Festival of Contempory Mosaic in France – 2015

From 1st to 16th of August 2015, the association “L’Art en Enclats” organized the 1st International Festival of Contempory Mosaic in France. The event took place at the Burgundy region, in the Chapel de Corbelin (La Chapelle-Saint-André), in Haut-Nivernais.

The objective of this Festival was to create a place, where mosaic artists would meet and share experiences, exchange their “little tips” and help the visitors discover the world of Modern Mosaic which is still quite unknown.
The Festival hosted 54 exhibiting artists, representing 10 nationalities, and about 80 mosaics and 40 sculptures, but also held conferences, workshops and the realization of a collective mosaic on the spot, by the participating artists.

Complete list of participating artists:

ALONSO-TACHE Madeleine (France), AMADO-FISCHGRUND Iule (France), APPARU-BOUILLOUX Estelle (France), APPERT-LIGONNET Anik-Chaima (France), BENKRIM Alex (France), BERGERY Alexandra (France), BONNOT Hervé (France), BOSSARD Nicole (France), CASTRO Rosemarie (Brasil), CHATELET Stephanie (France), CORSO Lisa (Netherlands), COUPE Rosa (France), COURCEL Sabine (France), DARCON-CAZES Véronique (France), DELEDALLE Jacques (France), DENKER Thomas (Germany), DESMARES Mylène (France), DUNLOP Annie (France), FOISEL-GUIGUES Sylvie (France), FOUCHER Elisabeth (France), GUITHAUX Fabienne (France), JATON Fernanda (Argentine), JONAS Kirsten (Germany), LAMGLAIT Carole (France), LASTENNET Pierre-Marie (France), LAURE Elisabeth (France), LE-GLOANNEC Lilie (France), LEVASSEUR Marie-Claude (France), LEVY Irit (Monaco), MACCINI Dino (Italy), MENOSSI Giulio (Italy), MINUZZI Marianne (France), MORIS Iannis (Greece), MORIS Georgios (Greece), MOSUR Line (France), PERES-GIBAUT Christian (Argentine), PEROUX Alexandra (France), PERRET Olivier (France), PHELY Sylvie (France), PINK-WEISBROD Jamie (United States), POLTE Monique (France), PORCHER Catherine (France), PRIOLI Catherine (France), RAGON Elisabeth (France), ROMANY MIKHAIEL Saad (Egypt), ROSSIGNOL Chantal (France), SANDERS Angela (United States), SERRE Béatrice (France), SMIT Cootje (Netherlands), TSIAMI Sofia (Greece), VALLET Valérie (France), VAN-DER-WENDE Conny (Netherlands) et VIGNAL Philippe (France).

Tsiami Sofia, Moris Ioannis and Moris Georgios were honored to take part in this great exhibition and would like to thank all of the partecipating artists for the amazingly friendly atmosphere they’ve created. Special appreciation must go to the local community and the association “L’Art en Enclats” for hosting this event and we would like to give our respects to Sylvie Rebbifé-Biondi not only for the amazing work she has done as curator-coordinator, but also for being one of the most kind, helpful and positive people met in the world of mosaics…

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