Opus Musivum

When mosaic leaves the boundaries of technique, and flirts with art.

The mosaic may be a mere ornament or an artistic creation, may have no utilitarian value or be part of a functional space or object. Whatever you see, the mosaic does not want you passive towards it. It invites you to touch the textured surface, to see from different angles and different lightings the shadows and reflections of every tesserae, it lets you to enjoy without fear of damage.
The variety of materials in marble or smalts, the wide range of colors and new manufacturing techniques give endless possibilities in design and execution of mosaics in various styles, in many spaces or even surfaces on objects.
Since 1985 the workshop “Opus Musivum” with Tsiami Sofia and Moris Ioannis, execute, mosaics on demand or in collaboration with architects. In parallel, the two founders, being artists, produce personal creations exalting the mosaic as an aesthetic – artistic object.

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